Bioenergy development on Food Security FAO-BEFS RA

Identification of methodologies and development of tools to assess the implication of bioenergy development on food security (FAO-BEFS RA)

Client: Tuscia University (DEIm) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Country: International project

Start: October 2012

End: September 2013

The activities carried out by IDEA 2020 in the FAO project BEFS Rapid Appraisal  examine the relationship between bioenergy and food security on one side assessing the profitability of biofuel production and on the other the possible impact on food security (socio-economic sustainability).
The DEIm of University of Tuscia has entrusted to IDEA 2020, the execution of the following activities:

  • Setting up and implementation of the research “economic profitability”.
  • Setting up and implementation of the research “socio-economic sustainability”.
  • Implementation of the phase of ‘piloting test’ of the simulation models derived from the analysis and review of models based on the results of the test.
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