IDEA 2020 works at the production of scientific knowledge and its transfer. IDEA 2020 has opportunity to work closely with the University of Tuscia and other research centers for sustainable and socially responsible agriculture. These partnerships are working closely in the processes of generation of advanced knowledge in agriculture. Moreover IDEA 2020 identifies the demand for innovation by farmers, transfers it to the research centers, with the aim to return research findings to the agricultural sector.

Over the last decade, at the University of Tuscia, research, training and animation were conducted on social, responsible, multifunctional and environmentally-friendly agriculture. This research led the University of Tuscia to represent a focal point at national and European level. The combination of such activities has helped to bring back knowledge, awareness and innovation in the agriculture business.
The activities carried out in the area of social, responsible and multifunctional agriculture are aimed to:

  • Increase an agriculture social oriented in farming knowledge.
  • Identify and carry out “best practices” in agricultural programs with social and environmental goals.
  • Consolidate the experiences of social agriculture through both training courses and technical support services.
  • Promote networks among stakeholders of various capacities in agriculture.
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