In this area IDEA 2020 collaborates with relevant stakeholders at different geographic levels (local, national and international) in order to promote agricultural and rural interventions based on the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Social and responsible agriculture represents an area of fundamental interest of IDEA 2020 as approach used as a connection between profit and non-profit. The aim is to build or rebuild a resilient social texture able to enhance their explicit and hidden resources in the rural area.

The IDEA 2020 Team provides technical and scientific support in development projects related from innovative agricultural systems with low environmental impact to those with engineering, livestock, forestry, environmental and socio-economic factors.
Follows a non exhaustive list of some of the services provided within the planning:

  • Identification and formulation of agricultural and rural development projects focused on multifunctional agriculture, production systems with low environmental impact and use of appropriate technologies.
  • Promotion, planning and evaluation of development project.
  • Viability and sustainability methodologies used for agricultural investment projects.
  • Project coordination and management.
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