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IDEA 2020 is a Spin-off of the Tuscia University that fosters an agricultural and rural development based on initiatives in which economic development, environmental responsibility and social inclusion are fundamental and integrated components of a long term sustainable growth.

IDEA 2020 stands for Innovation and Development for Agriculture, with reference to the strategic document “Europe 2020” that indicates a path for the development combining virtuously innovation, environmental sustainability and social cohesion.In this scenario, IDEA 2020 carries out a multifunctional vision in agricultural and rural development projects and initiatives through a multidisciplinary expertises in our Team.

The definition of multifunctional agriculture used by the OECD associates multifunctionality with specific characteristics of the agricultural production process and its outputs, which may or may not be full awareness. It is performed for agriculture both market oriented and livelihoods or self-consumption.

IDEA 2020 cooperates in partnership with local, national and international relevant stakeholders to promote agricultural and rural development projects and initiatives based on the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

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IDEA2020 Innovation and Development for Agriculture

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  Adress: Via San Camillo de Lellis s.n.c. – 01100 Viterbo – Italy

 Telephone: +39 0761 1769523

 Email: info@idea2020.eu

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