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The vision of multifunctional agriculture acts as a prism able to “break” the various colors that are permeated in the definition of “agricultural activity” carrying out its ability to deeply impact on various aspects of human life, from food to the environment, to the relationships among people, and culture and social cohesion of a community.

One of the features of the multiple functions of agriculture is that can take action together as integrated activities of agricultural and rural development projects and interventions. This can be achieved through a careful planning and implementation of development project which assumes a “vision” aware of the technical, economic and social complexity ofagricultural systems.

A specific aspect of multifunctionality in agriculture is in its social function that can promote actions of acceptance, inclusion and job integration of persons or community group with a high risk of social marginalization.

The issue of social agriculture is receiving a strong interest in many European countries, including Italy. In December 2012, the European Economic and Social Committee has expressed a very favorable opinion by inviting the European Parliament and Commission to consider the issue of social agriculture in its acts and interventions.

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